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Using Scented Candles with Fragrance in Decorating

Locating an Excellent Candle Company is Invaluable

Scented candles and a slow burning pillar candle can make a big difference when you want to improve your home. If you have a home to decorate, you need to control the look and feel of the environment where you are working. That means both the look and feel of the place. Often the feel of a home is affected by unwanted odors. The Kandle Kitchen Candle company has all the various types of scented candles, fragrance candles, including soy candles and votive floating candles that you need to do the job properly.

One of the benefits of the Internet is the ability to make an excellent  provider of things that you need as close as any local store. Use these links for the Kandle Company to have all your candle decorating needs take care of properly.

Wholesale Candles or Scented Candles for Fundraising

If you need candles for fundraising that are custom made, the Kandle Kitchen is the right vendor for you. If you are looking for wholesale candles for your own shop, again you are headed for the correct place.

Scented Candles Resource

The Kandle Kitchen Company

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Childhood Education Material – Coloring Pictures to Print – Jonas Brothers

Coloring is a favorite activity of children. I have found some excellent coloring pages to share with my children and grandchildren. These custom coloring book image have Camp Rock Kids Coloring Pages that are free colouring pictures kids can print, any time they want.  Camp Rock was a hit television show starring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato with other talented cast members.

The Jonas Brothers continue to be super hot as well does Demi Lovato. Camp Rock Kids Coloring Pages, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Colouring Pictures, print and color for free.

A smash hit, Camp Rock was not as popular as High School Musical but it did not have an ancestral classic, such as Grease was for High School Musical. Never the less Camp Rock will most likely be recreated in several editions.

Download Jonas Brothers Camp Rock Demi Lovato

From this custom coloring bookprinting pictures is very easy. Each of the Camp Rock Free-Kids Coloring Pages, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Colouring Pictures is ready as a picture to print and color.

The process for printing pictures online is simple. Visitors may proceed direct 2 download by clicking the mouse cursor on the image they wish to print. If the image is not visible it may be necessary to click on the thumbnail more than one time.

After selecting the images to download, each image is saved to the visitor’s computer. This is done by performing a right-click which will allow a range of options, including the ability to save the picture to the downloading computer.

Each image may now be printed as usual. Now that the process to print out pictures is done the Camp Rock Free-Kids Coloring Pages, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Colouring Pictures may be given to children.

Jonas Bros Demi Lovato Custom Coloring

Camp Rock Free-Kids Coloring Pages, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Colouring Pictures each have a special kids coloring picture selected from the best coloring pictures for kidspossible.

The coloring pictures for kids make up a custom coloring book proudly presented here for your use and enjoyment. One reason this is a custom coloring book is that you can request other related topic images or characters be added.

Just leave a comment with your suggestion at the bottom of the page in the comments section. The picture selected is guaranteed to match the theme of this hub; Camp Rock Free-Kids Coloring Pages, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Colouring Pictures.

Online Schools and Home Schooling Online

The wave of the future is moving and the future in education is taking shape. The impact of the Internet now allows online schools, schooling online from distance learning and homeschooling online to offer many educational options. This happens just in time to rescue parents fed up with public high school systems. Many unhappy parents find they are unable to afford private education without teaching workplace skills or time to be the teacher for home schooling in their own home.

Children given home school programs benefit from having color activity using drawings for kids homeschooling curriculum used as part of a . The developmental benefits children derive from color activity is extensive. This means all types of online schools, schooling online and home school programs should take advantage of the free down loads availability of this custom coloring book and the coloring pages for kids it has. Coloring pictures for kids should be included as a home based work part of their programs. Camp Rock Kids Coloring Pages, Jonas Brothers, Demi Lovato, Colouring Pictures to Print are a good addition to early childhood development home based learning programs.

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Towel Warmers – How to Choose the Best

Towel Warmers - How to Choose the Best

Choosing a towel warmer.

Do you know the how to choose the best towel warmer for use by your family or guests to your home? This article provides all the information you need to make a successful choice.
Today’s homeowners rarely hesitate to buy a towel for the bathrooms in their home. Most everyone agrees that having a towel warmer present gives a sense of warmth, elegance and value to any room where towels are used. The only question is which warmer for towels is the best choice. The technology used in a towel warmer has changed significantly as engineers and designers have collaborated to combine imagination, inspiration and innovation in the modern towel warmer. This has resulted in towel warmers that are more useful than ever. With the increased number of options, there are more points to consider when you plan to buy a towel warmer. Some of the salient points for consideration are as follows.

- Do you prefer a hydronic or electric towel warmer?
- Do you want your towel warmer to plug-in for electricity or hardwire?
- Are you looking for a designer or low-cost budget model towel warmer?
- Is a traditional or contemporary design the best for your home?
- What type, color and tone of finish will fit into the decor of your home?
- Do you need a timer for your towel warmer?
- Do you prefer a freestanding towel warmer or the wall-mounted type?
- Do you prefer a straight or curved towel warmer model?

The above listed points are the things you need to consider when making a purchase decision for a towel warmer. To help you make the best decision for your home this article provides some helpful information tips.
Electric Towel WarmersType of Installation
The basic difference in towel warmer design is the type of installation. For the towel warmer of today, both types of installation are quite efficient in the use of electricity. The typical towel warmer uses the same amount of electrical power as a couple of regular incandescent light bulbs. The hydronic type of towel warmer uses the existing home hot water system. Today’s towel warmers also have built-in safety features such as shut-off systems that are automatic, and thermostats the remove the worry of safety as a legitimate concern.

For the average homeowner the paramount consideration is which type of towel warmer is the easiest to install. To ensure correct installation, each type of towel warmer requires a professional technician trained as either an electrician or plumber. Installation is normally a relatively easy task but the layout of plumbing in the bathroom can complicate installation of the hydroponic type of towel warmer. Both a hardwired, electrically powered towel warmer and the hydroponic type have no visible electrical wiring. If the presence of wiring is not a problem the plug-in electrical towel warmer is the easiest to install. Most of the plug-in type of towel warmer uses standard electrical plugs and get power in the same way as any other electrically powered home appliance. This makes the plug-in type of towel warmer portable and preferred by DIY homeowners.
Method of Mounting
The type of installation you prefer will determine the method of mounting for your towel warmer. The three options, for mounting are free-standing and wall or floor mounted. Towel warmers that are free-standing are very popular due to their portability, which makes them simple to install. When the floor space in a bathroom is limited, the preferred type of towel warmer mounting is wall mounted. The floor-mounted towel warmer is considered both flexible and permanent, which is something some homeowners want.

For some homeowners, an unexpected consideration is the type of walls in the bathroom. If the walls utilize wall coverings of variable thickness, the height placement of any wall mounted towel warmer needs to be carefully considered. Some towel warmers available can be installed over uneven walls. An example is the Amba towel warmer, which can be leveled using washers for spacers between the warmer and the installation bracket.
Cost considerations
As with all top end bathroom accessories, towel warmers are available in a range of prices. Often one brand of towel warmer has both low-cost models and choices that include more options and functions, at a higher price. 
The Myson brand of towel warmers are available in both designer models, priced more than $3,000 each, and economical models that can be purchased for less than two hundred dollars. Deciding on your budget and the options you want in a towel warmer will make your decision easier.
Towel Warmer Style
Towel warmers are available in many different styles. Some styles are generic, fitting within most any bathroom. Other designs are meant for placement with period specific bathroom designs. These can be antique, classic, traditional or modern in style. Some warmers are arched, while others are straight. The decision on style is usually not as difficult as one might imagine. The homeowner usually has a good idea of the style they prefer. The key to a successful choice is to decide on the towel warmer options, as discussed above, and then compare your preferred options within each of the available styles, such as an .

Just as important is the type of finish and type of design. Most towel warmer manufacturers offer several types of finish. These can be satin or polished and in chrome or nickel. There are also oil-rubbed finishes of bronze, antique period gold and others as well. Many homeowners try to match the type of hardware already present in their bathroom. This gives a consistent look and the impression the towel warmer was planned from the beginning in the design of the home.

There are other factors to consider, involving the functions of the towel warmer. The way a straight or curved towel warmer functions is really quite different. The curved type allows towels to be woven through the heating bars, allowing a much faster drying as the towel warms. Other choices are for shelving and hooks to hold a robe or sleeping wear. All of these decisions are personal and should be made by those that will use the towel warmer.
Electrical Controls and Switches
As could be expected, towel warmers work in different ways. Some are on all the time while others have the option to power up or down. This is for places where the home may be used only part of the time. Timers are also a useful option with timers available in various time segments, such as 24-hour or timers that run for a set several days. A timer is useful to warm up a towel while a person showers or bathes, with a toasty warm towel being ready at the end of the shower.

There are also towel warmers, such as the Amba Elory Model E-2113, which have switches that are built into the design. Other types have no integral switching because they feel the towel warmer should be hard-wired with the bathroom wall switch for lighting. There are pros and cons to every option so the homeowner needs to consider each option carefully. One valid point is a towel warmer has no moving parts to wear out. This usually means the buy or no-buy decision is made based on the personal preference of the homeowner to the type of style, finish and mode of operation. Some questions to consider revolve around how, when and from where does the homeowner prefer to turn on the towel warmer.

For such a non-mechanical home appliance, the number of options, styles and working modes means there are not any models that are preferred by a majority of buyers of towel warmers. The key to success in choice is to research the models, types, styles and options available in your area. Look at the towel warmers we have available and get an idea of the features you prefer. Remember our customer service support line has years of experience helping discerning homeowners decide on which type of towel warmer will be best for their home.
For more information, please watch the following video on Towel Warmers – How to Choose the Best.
If you need help to properly install a towel warmer, please check out
this video on how to fit out a towel warmer.

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Dangers of Obesity – Chronic Knee Pain Injury

One of the problems that are caused by obesity is damage to joints, tendons and ligaments of the legs and knees.  This article discusses the damage that can be caused to the components of the human knees due to excessive stress caused by obesity.

Knee pain and ligament injuries are some of the most painful injuries a person can have. Ligaments are the tissue the human body uses to attach bones.  The ligaments in the knee attach the tibia, also known as the shinbone, to the femur, also known as the thighbone. There are front (anterior) and back (posterior) ligaments that cross in the form of an X at knee center. A torn ligament in knee tissue can exist with a range of, or lack of, symptoms. Ligaments are tough tissue but sudden or extreme externally sourced force can cause torn ligaments in knee joints that result in extreme knee pain.

Knee ligament injuries can occur to either the front or back knee ligaments, with front ligament tearing, known as ACL being the type of ligament injury that causes the most knee pain, both acute and chronic.  Less common is ligament injury that tears the posterior ligament. This type of injury, while still painful, causes less knee trauma and instability.


Torn Knee Ligament Injury Symptoms

Tearing of any of the ligaments in the knee can result in swelling, slight to severe pain ( with anterior ligament tearing being the most painful and immediately noticeable), forced difficulty walking that results in a pronounced limp. Torn knee ligament injuries also result in the feeling that the knee is no longer as stable as it was before the injury.


Causes of Knee Pain and Ligament Injuries

Over exertion due to obesity, during exercise, contact sports activity or any type of motor vehicle or boating accident can cause knee pain and ligament injuries. Motor vehicle injuries often cause a knee injury that is called a dashboard injury. This is because of the damage to knee ligaments cause by the sudden and extreme force of having the knee strike the hard dashboard surface.

Knee pain and ligament injuries can be caused by any type of exercise or sport activity. The most common occurs when legs are subject to sudden and somewhat unexpected force while the legs are in an uncommon or unusual position.

Some torn ligament knee injuries also involve damage to other components of the knee. These can be damage to cartilage or actual break to bone structure.  For this reason, examination by competent medical staff is important, regardless of how slight the pain may be. Long term, the untended and damaged knee may be at higher risk for arthritic problems later in life.

Medical staff will need your help to properly diagnose the damage to your injured knee. The more information you can give the better job they can do to help reduce the acute or chronic knee pain caused by torn ligament problems in your knee. They will need to know if you have ever had knee injuries in the past, what type of activity you were doing when you first noticed your knee injury and any other information you feel may help them understand, diagnose and treat your injured knee condition.


Diagnostic Tests for Knee Pain and Ligament Injuries

Other than physical examination by competent medical staff, there are three main types of examinations, or tests, done to find the extent of ligament injury. These are the use of X-Ray technology, used to decide the extent of any possible damage to bones, resonance imaging technology, which is used to produce diagnostic images of the entire knee structure and arthroscopy. Arthroscopy is generally considered a last resort tool which is used when other methods have not completely identified the type, and extent of the reasons for knee pain and ligament injuries.


Treatments for Knee Injuries Involving Torn Ligaments in Knee Components

The type of treatment that will be prescribed will depend upon the extent of the injury, whether the pain is acute or chronic, and what types of treatment, if any, have been used for your pain in the past. There are many over the counter non steroidal, pain remedies that do a good job for many people.

The first treatments applied will normally be used to reduce swelling while the prescribed pain medicine is given time to help start relief from the pain of knee ligament injuries.  In some cases of less severe knee pain and injury, physical therapy can be used to rebuild the strength in knee joints.

In some cases of knee pain caused by knee ligament injuries the medical staff may consider it necessary to aspirate the knee-joint. This means to remove built up excess fluid that has formed in the knee due to the injury. The fluid will be removed with the use of a syringe that accumulates the excess fluid without the need for more extensive surgery.

For more severe cases knee reconstruction may be necessary using arthroscopy to allow access and visual accuracy of reconstructive work done on the injured knee components.


Home Care and Treatment of Knee Injuries and Knee Pain

Rest and elevation of injured knees is important in the treatment of most knee injuries involving torn ligaments. Any reoccurrence of pain or swelling is treated immediately with ice packs.  The patient will also be advised to use a compressive or elastic wrap to help keep down swelling and support the healing knee structures that were previously damaged.

Elevation of the knee to a place higher than the heart of the patient, in a place where the leg and knee is properly supported is a very effective method and manner of home care and treatment.

There are some homeopathic medicines and treatments that help reduce swelling and support strength in ligaments and cartilage. These should be used only after discussion with licensed medical staff familiar with the treatments and medicines already prescribed.

Professional athletes have the best medical care and treatment for any injury involving a torn ligament in knee structures. For non professional athletes it is vital to have proper examination and treatment so that knee ligament injuries do not result in long-term and chronic knee pain problems.

The best way to avoid knee injuries is to make sure you are not overweight. Protect your health and start reducing your weight now.

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Halloween Decorations – Pumpkin Carving Templates

Carving Halloween Pumpkins – Holiday Family Fun

It will soon be Halloween time and it’s still not to late to have a lot of fun with your children doing Halloween Decorations Crafts. I am talking about Halloween pumpkin carving. All you need is some pumpkin carving templates, some pumpkins, a few simple tools – parents should be sure to do the things using a knife, and your excited children.

Scraper and Safety Saw Carving Pumpkin Tools for Halloween

Halloween pumpkin carving tools – available at your local craft shop.

This is a project the entire family can have fun with. If mom wants to try making pies the kids can help her get the ingredients from the insides of the pumpkins. For certain the kids can have fun scooping

out the insides of the pumpkins, while saving the seeds for roasting later in the day. They can also use a marker pen to transfer the template design to the pumpkin. They will have a lot of fun watching you work your magic as you turn the simple pumpkin into a decorative Halloween Pumpkin.

If you follow this link – Fun Halloween Decorations Crafts Pumpkin Carving Templates - you will find four great, easy to carve Halloween pumpkin templates. All you have to do is click on any of the pictures for it to enlarge. Then you just copy that page to your computer and print out the pumpkin carving template.

Creative Pumpkin Carving Templates

Easy to carve Halloween Pumpkin Carving Templates

All four of the pumpkin carving templates provided, free of charge, will fit on any medium-sized pumpkin. At least two of the templates can be used on taller pumpkins, if so desired.

You should store your pumpkins in a plastic bag when you are not using them. There should also be a soaking wet pad of paper towels in the bag as well to keep your pumpkins hydrated. That way they will not start to shrink and wither until after the holiday is over. You can rub Vaseline on the expose parts of the pumpkin that were cut and this also helps keep the pumpkin last longer.

Halloween Cat Pumpkin Carving Patterns

Easy to carve Halloween Pumpkin carving patterns

There is even a process graphic that shows you the four easy steps to carving the perfect Halloween pumpkin. There are pictures of special pumpkin carving tools you can buy at most craft shops but they are not at all necessary.

If you happen to have pumpkin carving templates of your own, we would really like for you to give those to us so that we can reproduce them and add to our offering of free Halloween Decorations Crafts Pumpkin Carving Templates.

Have a safe and great time with these fun family Halloween Decoration Pumpkin Carving project templates and tools.

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How to Web Tips for Choosing a 24-Hour Locksmith

Knowing the right steps for choosing a locksmith is one of the most important things every homeowner and vehicle owner needs to know.


The security of your home and valuable vehicle is the main reason knowing how to choose a locksmith is so important. Selecting a car locksmith or unreliable locksmith just because they are a cheap auto locksmith alternative can be one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make.  That is the purpose of this web tip, to help the reader understand the proper steps to follow in selecting a locksmith, regardless of what type of locksmith you need.

Much like other important tasks you need done around the home, repair of locks is not something an untrained person can do properly. Any locksmith whom you select must be able to show a record of proper training in the field of training to be a locksmith.

You also need a locksmith that is on call 24 hours a day. Regardless of when you need this trained professional, you need them to be available. Selecting the correct locksmith contractor allows you to develop a close business relationship that can save you time and money for many years to come. The best locksmith you can choose will be one that is a certified auto locksmith. Being locked out of your car can be a terribly expensive proposition. Have a car locksmith on call can cave you hundreds of dollars in vehicle towing fees.

Any contracted worker that comes into your home should have a license to do business in your local area. They should have references and a good record at your local Better Business Bureau. All references should be checked to make sure the honesty and ability of the candidate locksmith.

A locksmith with the proper licenses, training and verifiable references is what you need to do a good job, while keeping your property safe and secure. As a legitimate business, your chosen locksmith should also have insurance that covers themselves, and any of their workers for the work they do and liability for any injury incurred on your property.

The major reason for taking all these steps when choosing a locksmith is the sensitivity of security for your valuable home or vehicle. When checking the references of and candidate contractor who may work in your home, you should remember to ask about the ability of the candidate to hold in confidence any information about the things they see, or do not see, in your home.  This is especially important as pertains to the presences or lack thereof home security system equipment.

Of course, another important factor is an affordable fee structure, but it is important to remember that you get what you pay for. In the end, a cheap locksmith can cost you more than the fee for their unacceptable services. A good locksmith contractor will offer correct, signed, estimates of the work to be done, in advance, so that you can decide on the work to be done.

The web tips and ideas in this article should be of great value to you. Following these ideas will allow you to select the best possible locksmith available in your local area.

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A Diet Plan that Actually Works

Steve’s Diet Plan that Works

What you eat and when you eat make all the difference in a successful diet that works

Are you seeking a diet plan that actually works? I hope you have come to the right place.  Many people in North America are overweight, to put it politely. There are thousands of articles claiming to be one of the most effective diets. There are also many products and supplements for sale, promising an easy way to lose weight.

Having tried unsuccessfully, too many of them myself,  I have finally determined what works for me. Hopefully it will work for you as well. The information in this posting describes a diet that works fast, a diet that really works. This is even a diet plan that actually works if you cheat, because it automatically puts your diet plan back on tract every morning.


Steve’s Proven Basic Diet Principles

* Sugar is toxic and possibly poison, especially in a refined or processed form.

* Dieters should avoid processed foods; margarine, white flour and sugars.

* Some foods, when mixed, make it impossible to succeed at any diet program.

* You can lose more weight eating four simple meals per day.

* No white at night, a simple guideline to success.

* A program of light walking, 30 minutes per day, doubles effective weight loss.


Elimination of Sugar – A Key Part of a Diet Plan that Works

The easiest way to lose weight is to cut sugar from your diet. If you have trouble identifying foods with sugar, try this simple plan. Eat no foods that are white or have any type of sugar ingredient. That means no corn syrup, high fructose corn syrup, or have a finished product white appearance. If you find ingredients you do not understand, cannot read, or unfamiliar with, on the food label when shopping, avoid those foods. Sugar hides under many names.


Avoiding processed Foods

Any diet program should start with a 12 hour, overnight fast where only water is consumed between the hours of 7pm and 7am the next morning. This allows your stomach to empty itself. This gives you a base line for eating foods in the correct combination.


Don’t Mix Foods that Fight

Never mix foods containing protein with foods containing carbohydrates or sugars. Protein, fats and carbohydrates should be eaten in limited amounts. Non starchy vegetables can be eaten in any volume and with either protein foods or carbohydrate foods. Fruits should only be eaten by themselves as a separate meal.

If your last meal of the day will end after 6 p.m., make sure that meal is either all protein and vegetable, or all carbohydrate and vegetable. No white, starchy or sugary food should ever be eaten after 7p.m. This helps clear out your stomach for a fresh dietary start the next morning.

Until you reach your desired weight, drink only pure, unflavored, unsweetened water. No alcohol, no caffeine of any type and no fruit drinks containing added sugar.

Eat four smaller meals than three larger meals. Avoid having any one meal be very large in volume or caloric intake. Try to have at least three hours between the start of each meal. Try to have your last meal end by 7 p.m. if possible.

My results with this plan have been an average loss of 5 pounds every three weeks. I could have done better but circumstances, and less than strong dieting will power, held back my results. Never the less since this plan is one that instills a lifestyle change, this diet plan that actually works rarely has a period of return to extended periods of weight gain.

If you try this plan, you should let your doctor know.  Much of this plan is the collection of  advice from my care providers. Please leave comments with your own results, so that others may be more likely to believe in this diet, based on good diet principles and one of the most effective diets for weight loss.

Interesting Video on Food Combining

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Travel Log Asia – Indonesia – Central Java – Borobudur – Amanjiwo Hotel

The Borobudur Temple and Amanjiwo HotelTravel Asia - Indonesia - Central Java - Borobudur Buddhist Temple

The massive Borobudur Buddhist Temple 



I had traveled in Indonesia for many years before discovering the Borobudur Temple in Central Java, Indonesia. The Borobudur is the largest Buddhist Temple in the world. This temple is so precious that the United Nations UNESCO assisted with reconstruction of the temple with a $25 million dollar grant because of the uniqueness of the place.

The Borobudur Temple is pyramid-shaped but actually, it is situated on a round natural mound of hill in what used to be the jungles southwest of Magelang, Central Java, Indonesia. There are thousands of hand-carved stone frescos covering every vertical wall of the temple. These carvings depict many aspects of life, giving instructions in things considered important when the temple was constructed. One of these frescos even tells you how to get to the top of the temple. Let me tell you, the difference between going up the direct – straight up the stairs way – and taking the suggested clock wise, quarter turn by quarter turn way can be the difference between a wonderful visit and a trip to the Yogyakarta coronary unit.

Once to the top of the Borobudur the successful visitor has a fully unobstructed 360-degree panorama view of the surrounding area, which still looks very much jungle like but is in fact now filled with villages and literally hundreds of thousands of Indonesian citizens.

Originally built-in the year 800 the temple was abandoned 200 years later. This was due to a large eruption of nearby Mount Merapi, a volcano still active today. In fact, the temple is situated near four volcanos whose real status as extinct or dormant has not been scientifically determined.

There are 72 bell-shaped stupas on the Borobudur Temple. There are 400 Buddha statues. Some of these stone statues are still sitting within a bell-shaped stupa. The climb up to the top of the temple is well worth the effort – if you follow the suggested circuitous route.

From the top, the expansive views on three sides extend farther than your eyes, or the often present haze will allow. On one side, the vista stops at a very severe and tall set of hills. When you are on the top of the temple if you look toward the hills, looking from the center of that side of the temple and then about ten degrees to the left you may be able to see one of the world’s most exotic and magnificent hotels, the Amanjiwo Hotel.

Even though the Amanjiwo Hotel is only 5 minutes from the center of the Borobudur Temple it took me four separate visits and attempts to find the Amanjiwo Hotel. This is because there are no signs, no directions and no sign that you are anywhere other than out in the jungles of Java until you are within about 50 meters of the front door to the hotel. The design and layout of the hotel, which is quite large, is not visible until your vehicle makes a sharp left turn and heads down a hand paved cobblestone road to a vista that will astound you.

As your car heads down the steep paved cobblestone lane you naturally look up and stare right through the main entrance of the main Amanjiwo building, itself a giant bell-shaped stupa. On many days, what you see, as you cannot help looking completely through the building, is the Borobudur Temple itself framed magically by the main entrance of the Amanjiwo Hotel.

The view you have just seen is just the start of a magical visit to this hotel that has been named, in the early 2000’s for several successive years as the MOST EXOTIC HOTEL in the world.

World Class Hotel in Central Java - near Borobudur Buddhist temple

Entrance View Amanjiwo Hotel

Temple Borobudur Video w/Javanese Music

Another Borobudur Buddhist Temple Video with historical narration.  If you have visited the Borobudur Temple or have questions about the temple or how to travel there, please leave comments and questions.

Here are some images of the Temple Borobudur and the Hotel Amanjiwo.  If you have visited or stayed at the hotel please leave some comments about your visit.


Related Images:

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